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Kitty Theatrics

April 1, 2020

Cats are very cute and charismatic pets. They can also be a bit theatrical! Actually, Fluffy can become quite the little drama queen in certain situations. In this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding areas, a vet discusses kitty theatrics.


Cats can get quite worked up when they are hangry. Your furball may meow more loudly than usual when she wants to let on that her bowl is empty. She may also run out in front of you, or even tap you with her paw.

Human Inaccessible

Kitties like to keep a close eye on their people. Some cats get very anxious when their humans are away, or even just out of sight. If you close a door with Flufy on the other side, you may soon start hearing some fairly dramatic meows, or see paws reaching under the door.

Car Rides

Fido and Fluffy couldn’t disagree more about car rides. Many dogs think they’re the best thing ever, aside from bacon and belly rubs. Cats, on the other hand, think the car is an evil spaceship hurtling them to certain doom.

Invasion Alert

Our feline buddies can be very territorial. Your lovable pet may become a furry ball of rage if she spots another kitty on her lawn!

Nap Interruption

Kitties are collectively very tired. However, Fluffy isn’t particularly picky about where she falls asleep. At some point, your pet may doze off on something you need to use, like your laptop. If you move your drowsy pet mid-nap, you may get a pitiful meow of protest at this terrible indignity.


There may be some valid reasons that kitties don’t like getting wet. In the wild, rivers, lakes, and ponds can hide dangerous predators. Currents can also be very dangerous for a kitty. Plus, cat fur gives off a strong scent when wet, which could also attract attention from predators. Of course, Fluffy may just realize that she doesn’t look her best with wet fur. Whatever the reason, many furballs get quite dramatic when they get wet.


Our feline friends are predators by nature. Fluffy can quickly morph from a cute, lovable pet into a focused hunter if she spots something that she considers potential prey.

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