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Cleaning Tips for Cat Owners

February 1, 2016

Kitties have many adorable and wonderful traits. They’re lovable, cuddly, and lots of fun to watch and interact with. Another reason that cats make such great pets is that they are very clean. Fluffy will spend time each day grooming herself, and will use her own private bathroom to do her business. Our feline friends aren’t entirely self-sufficient, however: you’ll still have to pick up after your cute pet. We are here to help! A Louisville, CO vet offers some cleaning tips for kitty parents in this article.


We love our pet’s pretty fur, but we appreciate more when it’s on them instead of on our things. Get washable slipcovers to protect your furniture. To remove fur from carpet and upholstery, use a squeegee, a damp sponge, or a rubber dish glove. We also recommend brushing your furry pal regularly, so you can trap that dead fur in the brush.

Kitchen Help

Put a placemat or serving tray beneath your furball’s food and water dishes. That way, spills will go onto the mat or tray, which is easy to clean, rather than onto the floor.

Beat Those Stains

First and foremost, if Fluffy has litterbox issues, have your vet examine her to rule out medical issues. While you’re working on a solution, you’ll still have to deal with those stains. We recommend keeping a good stain remover handy. You can also go the DIY route. First, use paper towels to soak up wetness. Then, spray the stain with an enzyme-based cleaner. Next, pour some regular baking soda on it, and use a brush to work it into the rug. Once it’s dry, just vacuum it up.


Fluffy’s manicure habits don’t always go over well with her human servants. If your furry pal is scratching improperly, get her a kitty tower or a good, sturdy scratching board. If she’s scratching the corner of a couch or wall, put clear, two-sided tape on it. She’ll hate the stickiness of the tape!


If your furry buddy doesn’t mind it, a covered litterbox will definitely contain litter much better than an open one. Or, you can just conceal Fluffy’s powder room in a repurposed tote or end table, or behind a folding screen.

Does your feline pal need shots or an examination? Contact us, your local Louisville, CO animal clinic, anytime. We are here to help!