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Tips For Fostering Pets

June is Foster A Pet Month! Fostering is a great way to help animals in need, without signing on for the lifelong commitment that adoption represents. Although fostering isn’t right for everyone, it can be a very rewarding and educational…

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Beating Litterbox Odors

Cats are wonderful pets: they’re cute, fun, and personable, and they’re just the right size to fit into our laps. There’s only one major downside to having Fluffy as a roommate: her litterbox, and its associated smells. We have a…

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7 Ways To Get Your Dog Ready For Summer

Summer is coming up quickly, and not a minute too soon. Whether your plans for the next few months include hiking, camping, swimming, travel, or all of the above, your canine pal will be more than happy to accompany you….

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National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month! Our animal companions are active, curious, playful, and very, very fragile. It only takes seconds for accidents and injuries to happen. In emergency situations, being able to perform first-aid could literally save your…

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Spring Pet Care Tips

Winter is finally in the rearview mirror, and things are warming up again. Many of our furry patients absolutely love spring, and get quite playful as the warm weather returns. However, you’ll need to make some minor adjustments to your…

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Dog Care Mistakes

There’s a saying that life without dogs is like an unsharpened pencil: it has no point. We can definitely agree with that sentiment! Of course, caring for Fido is a big responsibility! It can be easy to unknowingly make mistakes….

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Spotlight On The American Eskimo Dog 

The Iditarod is coming up quick! The iconic Alaskan race starts on March 4th this year, with the 2023 event marking its 51st anniversary. While not all of our canine companions are suited for cold weather, some pups definitely are…

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Things Cats Don’t Understand

Have you ever noticed your cat looking at you with a smug, self-assured expression, as though she were privy to some universal secret? Fluffy does seem quite wise and all knowing at times. Then again, she sometimes eats wallpaper, and…

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Ferretproofing 101

Are you considering adopting a ferret? If any of our animal companions pack tons of personality into small bodies, it’s definitely these guys. Ferrets are just as mischievous as they are cute … and they are completely adorable. You’ll need…

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Tips For Choosing Pet Supplements

Do you give your furry friend any vitamins or supplements? Have you been considering it? Just like us, our animal companions’ bodies need specific nutrients to function properly. Certain supplements can help support various organs and functions, and/or just provide…

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