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Tips For Choosing Pet Supplements

Do you give your furry friend any vitamins or supplements? Have you been considering it? Just like us, our animal companions’ bodies need specific nutrients to function properly. Certain supplements can help support various organs and functions, and/or just provide…

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Reasons To Never Give Pets As Gifts

With the holidays bearing down fast, many people are figuring out what to get their loved ones. This brings us to an important pet-related topic: the pitfalls of giving pets as gifts. In this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your…

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Puparazzi Update: Local Dog News Highlights

Have you seen the national news story about the husky that figured out his bark could activate his owner’s motion lights, and had the time of his life playing with them? This feel-good story was super cute! Fido has also…

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Curbing Food Aggression In Dogs

Did you know that as many as 20 percent of dogs display some form of resource guarding? Food guarding, or food aggression, is one of the most common types of this behavior. A local vet offers some tips on how…

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Fido’s Fall Foods

Winter is coming up quickly: the cold weather will be here before you know it. Your canine buddy is going to need a little extra care as temperatures drop. Much of that entails taking steps to keep him warm and…

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Fluffy’s First Fall

Did you know that fall is often called kitten season? Although our feline friends can give birth at any time of year, the time between April and October tends to be a peak time for kitten arrivals. Fall is actually…

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Pet Bird Day is coming up on September 17th. This is the perfect time to talk about some of our cutest and most charismatic feathered friends: parrots. A local vet offers some tips on parrot care in this article from…

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