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Interesting Facts About Birds 

Did you know that birds are the fourth most popular pet in the United States? It probably won’t be surprising to learn that Fido and Fluffy are the top two. Fish are in third place. The American Veterinary Medical Association…

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Pets and Children: A Pawesome Pairing

Did you know that the majority of American households have pets? Data from the American Pet Products Association shows that 70% of Americans are pet owners. This percentage has increased in recent years, rising from 56% in 1988. Pets and…

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Cat Boarding FAQs

Kitties are renowned for their independence. Fluffy is definitely an easy keeper. She doesn’t require walks, and spends most of her time dozing. However, this doesn’t mean she can manage entirely on her own. Your feline friend still needs daily…

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And Meow, A Word About Tuxedo Cats

Is your feline friend a tuxedo cat? You might want to mark your calendar for January 29th: Tuxedo Cat Day! Fluffy can be cute in any outfit, but she looks adorable in formal wear. In this article from Arapahoe Animal…

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Tips For Having A Bird-friendly Holiday Season

Tis the season for joy! The holiday hustle and bustle are in full swing! You’ve probably noticed how dogs and cats steal the show in many of those adorable seasonal cards and commercials. Let’s not overlook our feathered companions! If…

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Thanksgiving With Kitties

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next Thursday? Of course, you probably won’t get much of a reaction from your feline friend if you tell her that. Fluffy will probably just yawn, lick her paw, and go back to sleep….

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Diabetes In Cats

November is Pet Diabetes Month. While we tend to see diabetes more in cats than in dogs, our feline pals can definitely be afflicted. A local vet discusses feline diabetes in this article from  Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO…

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Teaching Fido To Fetch

October 20th is a pretty important day for our canine companions: it’s National Fetch Day! Fetch is undoubtedly one of Fido’s favorite workouts. It’s also a great way for your four-legged friend to spend time with you. While some pups…

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