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Pet Bird Day is coming up on September 17th. This is the perfect time to talk about some of our cutest and most charismatic feathered friends: parrots. A local vet offers some tips on parrot care in this article from…

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It’s Gecko Day!

Did you know that today, September 1st, is Gecko Day? Geckos may not be the most popular pet. In fact, it’s probably safe to say they’ll never knock Fido and Fluffy off the top of that chart. However, these curious…

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World Lizard Day

World Lizard Day is August 14th! Lizards probably rank pretty low on the list of popular pets, but they are gaining some status. Bearded dragons, for instance, are winning more fans over almost by the day! If you’re considering getting…

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Dogs And Porcupines

Have you ever encountered a porcupine in the wild, perhaps when hiking? Hopefully the answer to that is ‘no.’ Several of our canine patients have met these prickly rodents … and come out on the losing side of those encounters….

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Tips For Adopting A Kitten

National Kitten Day is July 10th! If you’re considering adopting a kitten, this is a perfect time. Adopting a kitten is lots of fun, and can be very rewarding. It’s also a lot of responsibility! A local vet offers some…

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How to use navigator.sendBeacon with PHP 7

Recently I needed to send a request on the unload of a page (save where the user left), and regular POST requests via js aren’t a very good option, due to either hanging the browser on synchronous requests, or not…

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Fluffy’s Past Careers

Take Your Cat To Work Day is June 24th! This sounds like a silly idea, but there actually are some benefits to working with kitties. Cats are great for both stress reduction and comic relief. And as it turns out,…

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Setting Up A Sugar Glider Cage

Are you adopting a sugar glider? Congrats! These guys are very cute and lovable pets. As it turns out, setting their cage up properly may be half the battle when it comes to taking good care of them! A local…

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