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Fun Facts About Fluffy’s Paws

August 1, 2016

Do you have a kitty? If so, there’s a good chance that your feline pal has you wrapped right around those cute little paws of hers. Although Fluffy’s furry feet are certainly adorable, those charming paws are also crucial tools for hunting and grooming. In this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding areas, a vet lists some things you may not have known about your pet’s paws.

They Have Whiskers

Did you know that kitties have paw whiskers? These help Fluffy sense vibrations and keep her balance when she’s walking along a branch . . . or the back of your couch.

Paw Pads

Your furball’s paw pads serve several purposes. When Fluffy jumps off that counter she wasn’t supposed to be on, they help cushion her joints and bones against the impact when she lands. Because cats only sweat through their paws, they also help regulate her temperature. And, they work as shock absorbers, helping her move around quietly when she wants to hunt small animals . . . or catnip mice.

Right Paw/Left Paw

Just like people, cats tend to favor one paw or the other. Male kitties tend to be right-pawed, while females are usually lefties. If you’re not sure what paw your furball favors, put a toy down in front of her, and see which paw she uses to bat at it.

Teddy Bears

Did you know that if you look at Fluffy’s paws upside-down, her paw pads look like a teddy bear? Just when you thought cats couldn’t get any cuter!

Paw Prints

Here’s a cute tidbit: every kitty has her own individual paw prints! These are much like human fingerprints, and are just as unique.


Our feline friends have scent glands in their paws, which they use to communicate with other furballs. Cats may very well use these scent markers as feline social media status updates. For instance, claw marks on a tree could show that Fluffy has ‘checked in’ at that specific tree.

Matching Accessories

Kitty paw pads come in many different colors. They typically match the rest of Fluffy’s coat. For instance, a black and white furball may have black spots on her paws.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Call Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO veterinary clinic, serving Louisville and surrounding areas, today!