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6 Things You Learn When a Cat Adopts You

February 15, 2018

Are you considering adopting a new kitty? Perhaps you know of a cute furball that needs a home. Or maybe the time is just right for you to get a new cat. In this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding areas, a vet lists some things you learn when you get a kitty.

Every Kitty Is Different

If you’ve had cats before, you may think you know what to expect. While kitties do share some common traits—such as a love of napping and a penchant for mischief—our feline buddies all have their own unique purrsonalities. Fluffy will have her own adorable quirks and mannerisms, and her own way of ‘speaking.’

There’s No Accounting For Taste

Fluffy is a hunter by nature, so she’s instinctively driven to pounce on small objects. Of course, every kitty has a slightly different opinion of what constitutes a good plaything. Some furballs like wand toys, while others like fuzzy mice. Of course, some prefer to play with things that aren’t even supposed to be toys … like cotton balls or rubber bands.

New Cat … New Rules

Some kitties want to be cuddled 24/7, while others prefer to be admired from a distance. And while some of our feline pals are bold and fearless, others are quite shy, and will bolt for their favorite hiding spot at the faintest noise. Fluffy will have her own schedule, and her own kitty laws for being petted and snuggled.

Cats Are Hilarious

One thing we know for sure about kitties is that they can be absolutely hilarious. Fluffy is often funniest when she’s trying to be serious, and even manages to make us chuckle when she’s sound asleep! One way or another, your furball will keep you smiling and laughing.

Everything Is A Cat Bed

As you’ve probably noticed, cats are rather drowsy little furballs. Fluffy will sleep in pretty much every square inch of your domain at some point or another.

Kitties Are Adorable

Cats have many wonderful qualities, but one of the best things about them is the fact that they’re just so darned cute. It probably won’t take your kitty very long to melt your heart!

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