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How to Tell if Your Cat is Happy

September 15, 2018

Cats are full of interesting quirks. However, our feline pals aren’t always easy to read. After all, Fluffy can be purring one moment, bite your hand for no reason, and then take a nap. How do you tell if Fluffy is content? In this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO vet serving Louisville and surrounding areas, a local vet lists some signs that your feline pal is content.


The purr is one of the clearest signs of kitty contentment. It’s worth noting that cats don’t only purr when they are happy. They also start their engines when they are sick or scared, perhaps to soothe themselves. That said, if Fluffy starts purring as soon as you pet her or pick her up, there’s a good chance that your furry friend is content.

Liquid Kitty

Cats are very, very sleepy. Fluffy can snooze up to 20 hours a day. Your furball’s sleeping habits can tell you a lot about how content she is. If your kitty is relaxed and calm, she’s likely content. If you often find your pet nonchalantly sprawled out on the floor or draped over an armchair, she probably is pretty happy.


Kitties like to keep a very close eye on their humans. Some cats even follow their humans into the bathroom! If Fluffy likes to follow you around, it’s likely a good sign that your feline overlord approves of the way you are caring for her.

A Helping Paw

Our feline buddies often like to help out with things like wrapping gifts, changing sheets, and keeping laundry warm. If your furball volunteers her assistance with these household chores, she’s probably quite satisfied.


Fluffy may want us to think of her as a cold, aloof killer, but she’s actually very cuddly. If your pet likes to snuggle with you, you have a happy kitty on your hands!


Cats can be quite frisky and playful at times. If your kitty loves to bat at your shoelaces or pounce on catnip toys, she’s very likely content.

Clean Bill of Health

Fluffy’s health can tell you a lot about her overall well-being. A clean bill of health is a great sign. After all, healthy cats are happy cats!

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