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Choosing the Purrfect Scratching Post

July 15, 2019

Does your cat have a scratching post? If not, we recommend getting one. Kitties depend on their claws for survival in the wild, so it’s no surprise that they’re so diligent about caring for them. If you don’t want Fluffy scratching your sofa, you’ll need to get her a manicure station. In this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding areas, a vet discusses getting your furball a scratching post.

Choose Something Sturdy

Pick something that will hold up to Fluffy’s antics. If her scratching post wobbles—or worse, falls over—she may become wary of it, and refuse to use it.

A Tall Order

Cats like to stretch while they scratch. Being cute is hard work! This helps Fluffy get out all those knots from her muscles. Pick something that is tall enough to allow your furball to do this.


Cat towers not only offer kitties great nail-care stations, they also serve as jungle gyms, lookout points, and, of course, napping spots. Keep Fluffy’s age and purrsonality in mind when picking a cat tower. If your feline pal is still a kitten, pick something that includes fun toys. If you have a scaredy-cat, your timid pet may prefer something with enclosed areas, which will help her feel safe. Senior cats, on the other hand, may do better with something that is low to the ground, so they don’t have to climb or jump as far.

DIY Options

There are lots of great DIY options for scratching posts. One of the simplest ones is to simple attach a small mat or carpet tile to a smooth piece of wood. Then, secure it to the wall, just above your kitty’s head. You can also make a cat tower out of an old stepladder, book case, or storage rack. Add planks to make kitty lounging spots, and then cover it in carpet or sisal rope.


It’s probably safe to say that you have at some point bought your furry little diva an expensive piece of kitty furniture, only to have her ignore it and use a cardboard box instead. Kitties can be quite finicky! To make Fluffy’s scratching post more appealing, sprinkle catnip on or near it.

Please contact us here at Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding areas, anytime. We’re here to help!