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5 Possible Reasons Your Cat Stopped Using Her Litter Box

October 15, 2019

It’s one of the better parts of owning a cat: they take themselves to the bathroom. Sometimes, though, our feline friends stop using their litterbox and eliminate on your floors instead. Below, your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding areas, tells you why this may be happening and what to do about it.

Box Cleanliness

If you don’t clean out your cat’s litter box often enough, your pet might decide to avoid it entirely. Just like you, your cat doesn’t like doing their business in a dirty bathroom! It’s recommended that you scoop out your cat’s waste every day, and change out all of the litter about once a week or so. This keeps things fresh for Fluffy.

Box Placement

Your cat can be picky about where her bathroom is located. Your pet doesn’t like using the potty in a crowded, noisy area of the house! Place the litter box in a quiet spot, like a basement, laundry room, or private bathroom, where your cat can do her business in peace.

Litter Preference

There all kinds of different litter types out there, and certain cats like certain kinds. You might have to do a little trial and error to find out what your cat prefers. Most cats like non-scented litters, and there are a variety of granule sizes and base materials to choose from. Consult your vet for a recommendation on a great litter choice for your pet.


You aren’t the only one who can experience stress. Cats can too! Household changes like new family members or pets, remodeling work, or something as simple as a new candle scent can throw your cat off her game and stress her out, resulting in a change in bathroom habits. Do your best to minimize sources of stress at home to help your cat feel more comfortable.

Medical Issues

Last but not least, it’s entirely possible that a medical problem could be causing your cat’s litter-box aversion. Everything from urinary tract infections and diseases to arthritis and injuries could be behind your cat’s behavior. If you can’t figure out why your cat is shunning her litter box, it’s time to set up an appointment at your vet’s office to get to the bottom of things.

Call your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding areas, to learn more about your cat’s health, wellness, and care needs. We’re always here to help!