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Tips For Training Fido

February 15, 2020

Does your canine buddy know basic doggy obedience commands? If not, this is a perfect time to work on Fido’s petucation. February is Dog Training Education Month! In this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding areas, a local vet offers tips on training your pooch.


Training is crucial in teaching Fido how to be a good boy. However, training isn’t just a matter of petiquette. It’s also very important for safety reasons. For instance, proper training can stop your four-legged friend from running away from you if you drop his leash. It can also help you keep him away from dangerous areas. It can also prevent bites. It’s worth noting that, while small dogs aren’t as much of a danger as large breeds, they aren’t off the hook here either. Many little pooches are quite bossy, and won’t hesitate to charge bigger dogs!


The five most important commands all dogs should know are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down . Once your pet has these down, you can show him more helpful commands, like Drop it or Don’t Eat That . Work on these one at a time, and make sure your canine pal has mastered each one before you move on. If you’re up for more of a challenge, you can even teach your pooch to put his toys away, fetch your slippers, or even bring you a cold drink from the fridge. Or, you can show Fido some cute tricks, like Roll Over, Hide Your Eyes, or Shake Paw .

Fido’s Classroom

Down the road, you may find it useful to work with your furry friend in places where there are a lot of distractions. However, for now, choose a quiet spot. Fido may have a hard time paying attention if there is a squirrel in his classroom!


When working with dogs patience and consistency are both crucial. Don’t tell Fido to ‘Sit’ one day, and then the next day say ‘Sit down right now!’ This will just confuse your pet! It’s also very important to incorporate lots of treats and praise. Use small snacks, like bits of cooked, plain, boneless chicken. You don’t want to overfeed your furry student!

Please contact Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding areas, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!