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Working From Home With Cats

June 15, 2020

June 22 nd is Take Your Cat To Work Day! Of course, many people are working from home this year, which may mean switching things around a bit and taking your work to Fluffy. In this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding areas, a local vet offers some tips on life with a furry, four-legged co-worker.


If you’re working from home, it’s probably safe to assume that a lot of your work is done by computer. Set a screen lock to a short time, such as 30 seconds. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that whenever you get up, you’ll return to find your furball on your keyboard, possibly having deleted, garbled, or posted something.

Purr Breaks

This year has been a bumpy ride, to say the least. One great thing about having Fluffy close by? If you start feeling stressed, just reach out and give her some ear scritches or forehead rubs. Cats are completely unfazed by world events, so it can actually be quite calming to see your kitty just peacefully dozing. Needless to say, purrs are also very soothing.


Many people like having plants on their desks. This is fine, but keep in mind that many plants are toxic to our feline pals. Check the ASPCA website here for a list of options. (Tip: African violets are a good option.)


If you pay close attention to Fluffy, you’ll realize that she is very much a creature of habit. This is a good reminder of the importance of sticking to a schedule!

Desk Space

Many kitties like to stick close to their humans. Fluffy may decide that she should be on your desk or on your workspace. If you find yourself continuously moving your furball, try putting a box on or near your workspace. This is basically a kitty trap: cats, for some reason, simply cannot avoid empty boxes. They also love to knock small items off desks and tables. Keep pens and other objects out of paws’ reach! If you keep water at your desk, keep the cap on, or use a water bottle with a lid. You definitely don’t want your pet knocking your drink onto your keyboard!

Please contact Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding areas, if ever we can be of assistance. We’re here for you!