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Summer Care for Dogs and Cats

June 15, 2021

Summer is a beautiful time of year here in Colorado. While we don’t get the sweltering temperatures that our neighbors to the south experience, each season does bring its own dangers to pets for you to be aware of. In this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO veterinarian, serving Louisville and surrounding areas, a veterinarian offers some tips for keeping pets safe in summer.

Water, Water Everywhere

Make sure Fido and Fluffy always have clean water. You may need to set out extra water stations. (Tip: drop an ice cube into your pet’s bowl on hot days.) Bring a portable doggy water bottle along for your pup when you take him hiking or to the park.

Keep Up With Parasite Control

Fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and other parasites are out in droves at this time of year. Keep up with your furry buddy’s prevention care regimen!

Don’t Leave Pets In Cars

The inside of a vehicle can reach deadly temperatures in just a few minutes. Leaving your dog in a parked car is not only dangerous: it’s also illegal in 16 states. If Fido can’t go indoors with you at your destination, just let him stay home.

Adjust Schedule

Limit your furry friend’s outdoor time during the hottest hours of the day. Walk and play with Fido in the mornings and evenings. As for Fluffy, she’s always safer staying inside.

Beware Of Hazards

Each season has its own set of concerns. In summer, storms, wild animals, toxic plants, and chemicals all endanger pets. Dogs and cats can also get into trouble near campfires and bodies of water. Keep a close eye on your four-legged pal. Also, keep Fido and Fluffy indoors when there’s bad weather coming, and around the Fourth, when fireworks become an issue.

Keep Up With Grooming

Dust, dead fur, and dander can all make pets hot and itchy. Fido may be more comfy with a cute summer haircut. As for Fluffy, regular grooming will help her stay sleek and shiny.

Offer Cool Beds

One thing all pets enjoy? Comfy beds. Put a cold towel on your fuzzy buddy’s bed, or point a fan over it. Fluffy and Fido may also appreciate raised beds or hammock beds.

Here at Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding areas, we’re dedicated to keeping your pet healthy. Call us anytime!