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Getting Your Pet Ready For Spring

March 1, 2022

Spring is right around the corner! We know that many of you are more than ready for warmer weather to return. Quite a few of our patients also enjoy the change of seasons. Of course, just like any other season, spring does have some specific concerns for pet owners. A veterinarian lists some key ones in this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding areas.

Parasite Control

Do you take Fido off heartworm and/or flea prevention in winter? If so, this is the time to get started again. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos will be out in droves before long.

Mud Season

For many of us, mud season is a blessing and a curse. The ski resorts are closing, it’s too early for summer activities, and everything is soggy and muddy. Put a thick mat outside the door that you and Fido go out. This will help reduce those muddy pawprints.


Brace yourselves; shedding season is coming. There are a few things you can do to help your pet change into their summer wardrown. Daily brushing can help a lot: you’ll be grabbing that extra fur with a brush before it gets stuck to everything. Weather permitting, brush your dog outdoors. The extra fur will blow away, and may even end up in birds’ nests! You can use a squeegee, rubber dish glove, or damp sponge to remove fur from your clothing or upholstery.

Watch For Seasonal Hazards

When walking your dog, keep him away from frozen bodies of water. Lakes and ponds are extremely dangerous when the ice is melting!

Use Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products

For many of us, throwing open the windows on those first warm days are an unofficial tradition. That warm spell also often sparks a round of spring cleaning. Opt for non-toxic, pet-safe cleaning supplies.


Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that affects humans and animals, one that can be fatal if left untreated. The Lepto bacteria thrives in water and wet soil, which makes the spring melt a dangerous time. If you and your canine pal spend a lot of time in wild or wet areas, you may want to get Fido vaccinated. Ask your vet for more information. 

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding areas.