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Setting Up A Sugar Glider Cage

June 1, 2022
Are you adopting a sugar glider? Congrats! These guys are very cute and lovable pets. As it turns out, setting their cage up properly may be half the battle when it comes to taking good care of them! A local vet offers some tips on that in this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO veterinary clinic, serving Louisville and surrounding areas.


The smallest standard size that is suitable would be a 24″W x 36″H. However, the bigger the better! Since sugar gliders love to climb, you’ll need more vertical space than horizontal.

Bar Spacing

Gliders can fit through some pretty small spaces! We recommend getting a cage with bars spaced a half-inch apart. This will keep your tiny buddies from escaping or, worse, getting stuck.


Sugar gliders are nocturnal, so you don’t want to put their cage in a bedroom. Don’t put the cage in direct sunlight, right in front of a TV or speaker, or close to heat sources, fans, or air ducts. Your cute pets will be happiest in a quiet spot where they can see and hear you without feeling too exposed. Choose a room that stays above 65, as otherwise they may get too cold. (Tip: put the cage on a table to give your gliders the height they love.)


A birdcage may sound ideal, but some wire cages can injure your pets’ tiny feet. Choose something that has been powder or enamel-coated. Vinyl is also a good option.


Choose something made specifically for gliders. Some options are non-treated wood shavings, shredded newspaper, or commercial liners or substrate. Check with your vet before using anything else, as many popular substrates are toxic to gliders.


Sugar gliders are tiny, adorable, escape artists. You’ll need a lock!


Provide lots of hammocks, pouches, swings, ladders, and tents. Sugar gliders also enjoy playing on things like branches, (large) rings, bells, and bridges. Want to pamper your pet? Make them a climbing wall!


Get a few dinnerware sets. Clip one to the side of the cage. The other can sit on the cage bottom. That one can be a backup, and can also be helpful for young or just-moved-in gliders. Do you have questions about sugar glider care? Contact Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO veterinary clinic, serving Louisville and surrounding areas.