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Ferretproofing 101

February 1, 2023

Are you considering adopting a ferret? If any of our animal companions pack tons of personality into small bodies, it’s definitely these guys. Ferrets are just as mischievous as they are cute … and they are completely adorable. You’ll need to take some steps to make your home safe for your tiny buddy. In this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO animal clinic, serving Louisville, CO and surrounding areas, a local vet offers tips on ferretproofing.

Small/Sharp Objects

Ferrets are curious, playful, and prone to stealing things. Anything within reach of those tiny paws is a potential target. Shiny objects are particularly attractive. That list includes coins, jewelry, paperclips, beads, buttons, tacks, nails and screws, sewing and craft kit pieces, tacks, and fishing tackle and hooks.


Ferrets can fit into some very small spaces. Close off any openings under beds, couches, chairs, and furniture. Air ducts and vents should close securely. You may also need to add strips or sweeps under your doors.


Like many other pets, ferrets don’t know what is safe for them to eat or chew. Your furry pal is at risk of ingesting poison from any toxic substances he comes into contact with. Keep things like automotive products, paint, lawn/garden chemicals, medicine, toxic plants, and medications out of paws’ reach. 


Many pets like the taste and/or texture of plastic, which is not only a choking hazard but can cause severe blockages or perforations if ingested. Keep things like plastic wrappers, ties, and bags in spots your ferret can’t reach.


Anything stringy or ropy can choke, entangle, or injure ferrets. Some dangerous items include wires, drape ties, belts, and anything else with cord, rope, or thread. Use protective coverings on things you can’t move. 


We would recommend getting down on the floor, and getting a ferret’s eye view of your place. You may notice things that you didn’t spot before. Of course, part of keeping your pet out of trouble also entails keeping them occupied. Offer plenty of safe, suitable toys, and play with your little buddy regularly. It’s also not a bad idea to watch where he stashes things. That should be the first place you look for missing objects!

Contact Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO animal clinic, serving Louisville, CO and surrounding areas, for more ferretproofing tips. We’re here to help!