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7 Ways To Celebrate Shelter Pets Day

December 1, 2022
December 5th is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day! We’re more than happy to add this to the list of holidays on our calendars. Many of our patients were rescued from shelters, and are now living their best lives as beloved pets. In this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO animal clinic, serving Louisville, CO and surrounding areas, a vet lists some great ways to honor this ‘pawspicious’ occasion.


Volunteering is a great option. There’s always work to be done, and you may find it very rewarding to spend time working for a great cause. Many shelters also need help with things like photography, flyers, or other tasks. If you want to go a bit further, look into fostering.


The holidays are a perfect time to give back to our communities by supporting our favorite charities and causes. Consider making a donation to an organization that helps shelter pets. Any little bit helps! You can also send supplies or gift cards.


Of course, the best way to celebrate shelter pet day is to adopt one. It can be a very beautiful and rewarding experience to give that one special pet a happily-ever after. Just think it over first. Adoption is forever!

Host Events

Are you hosting a holiday event? Put a ‘pawesome’ twist on it by gathering goods or donations for a local shelter. For instance, you can have friends or family members bring pet toys or food to your holiday gathering. You can drop the donated items off later.


Sharing posts about your own pet, or about local pets that are available for adoption, is a great way to give a local shelter a signal boost. Who knows? You may help a dog or cat find their forever home!

Purrs And Tail Wags

Did you adopt your own furry friend from a shelter? By all means, spoil Fido and Fluffy a bit! Treats and toys are likely the most popular gifts, but you can also offer a new bed, or perhaps a new gadget, such as a GPS collar or a mechanical ball launcher.


Many animal movie stars, such as Lassie and Benji, were originally shelter pets. These can be great options for a family movie night! Happy Holidays from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO animal clinic, serving Louisville, CO and surrounding areas. Call us anytime!