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Reasons To Never Give Pets As Gifts

December 15, 2022

With the holidays bearing down fast, many people are figuring out what to get their loved ones. This brings us to an important pet-related topic: the pitfalls of giving pets as gifts. In this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO animal clinic, serving Louisville, CO and surrounding areas, a local vet explains why that’s just not a good idea.

It’s A Personal Choice

Choosing a pet is, for many people, both an emotional and a practical decision. It’s important for people to really connect with their animal companions! Even if you know that your loved one wants a Corgi puppy, and you find a great breeder, you can’t necessarily guess which pooch that person would take to. Taking that special X-factor out of the equation can have long-term consequences for both parties.


Pets need lots of care, which entails both work and expense. You’re essentially giving someone a bunch of chores and a whole slew of recurring bills that will continue for years. The recipient may not be ready and/or equipped for that. They could also be going through struggles you aren’t aware of, in which case you could be doing both the person and the pet more harm than good.


The odds of a ‘gift’ pet being rehomed are likely significantly higher than those for pets that were chosen by their humans. Changing owners is a big deal for Fido and Fluffy, and one that can be absolutely traumatic for them. This is why you should never adopt unless you’re ready for a lifetime commitment.


So what should you do instead? Offer your friend or family member a gift card to a pet store. That way, they can utilize it when they’re ready.


There’s an exception to every rule, and there’s one here as well: in this case, your own household. If you’re ready for a new pet, or your child has been begging for a puppy and you’ve decided the time is right, you can definitely bring your new furry pal home for Christmas. The issue in cases like that isn’t timing: it’s commitment. The main thing is that the adults be ready, willing, and able to commit to caring for that pet forever.

Happy Holidays from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO animal clinic, serving Louisville, CO and surrounding areas! Call us anytime!