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Simple Things That Make Cats Happy

September is Happy Cat Month! Fluffy of course deserves to be happy and purring all year long, but we’re more than happy to turn our attention to keeping her content. Fortunately for us, it isn’t too hard to please our…

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FAQS About Pet Acupuncture

One change we’ve seen taking place in the veterinary world recently is the rise of acupuncture. Though the practice is fairly new to Western medicine, it’s been practiced in China for thousands of years. There’s a reason acupuncture has stood…

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dog with brown and white fur

Tips For Boarding Fido

Are you going to be going out of town soon? If so, you may be planning to bring your canine buddy to a kennel. Given the choice, Fido would no doubt prefer to accompany you, but that of course isn’t…

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Tricks You Can Teach Your Guinea Pig

Tomorrow, July 16th, is Guinea Pig Appreciation Day. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate these cute little pets. Guinea pigs are not only adorable, they’re gentle, quiet, and easy to keep. They can even do simple tricks! A local…

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Gerbil Care Tips

Are you considering getting a small pet? Maybe you have a perfect spot for a tiny furball. Or, maybe you have a young child that is asking for an animal friend of their own. Gerbils may be small, but they…

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Summer Paw Care For Fido

With summer coming, you’ll need to pay some extra attention to your canine buddy’s paws. Fido is susceptible to cuts, scrapes, burns, and blisters. Ouch! In this article from Arapahoe Animal Hospital, your Boulder, CO vet, serving Louisville and surrounding…

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Tips For Fostering Pets

June is Foster A Pet Month! Fostering is a great way to help animals in need, without signing on for the lifelong commitment that adoption represents. Although fostering isn’t right for everyone, it can be a very rewarding and educational…

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Beating Litterbox Odors

Cats are wonderful pets: they’re cute, fun, and personable, and they’re just the right size to fit into our laps. There’s only one major downside to having Fluffy as a roommate: her litterbox, and its associated smells. We have a…

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7 Ways To Get Your Dog Ready For Summer

Summer is coming up quickly, and not a minute too soon. Whether your plans for the next few months include hiking, camping, swimming, travel, or all of the above, your canine pal will be more than happy to accompany you….

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National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month! Our animal companions are active, curious, playful, and very, very fragile. It only takes seconds for accidents and injuries to happen. In emergency situations, being able to perform first-aid could literally save your…

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