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Adopting a Rescued Bunny

February is Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month! If you’re considering getting yourself a new pet, you may want to think about giving Floppy a wonderful home. Bunnies really do make great animal companions. A local vet offers some tips on …
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Cute Ways to Celebrate Doggy Date Night

  There’s a pre   tty cute new pet holiday coming up that has some of our patients very, very excited. February 3rd is Doggie Date Night! Fido is a wonderful and loving companion, and he definitely deserves a bit of extra attention. …
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Tips for Choosing an Exotic Pet

Are you considering adopting an exotic pet? While dogs and cats are the most popular animal companions, exotic pets are starting to come into the spotlight. However, there are some things to keep in mind before adopting one. A veterinarian …
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8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy This Year

Happy New Year! As we (finally) leave 2020 in the rear view mirror, many people are setting goals for 2021. Why not include Fido in your plans? A local vet lists some ‘pawesome’ resolutions for dog owners in this article …
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Cute Ways to Keep Your Cat Warm

The holidays are approaching … and the temperatures are dropping. Weather can change fast at this time of year. While your feline friend does have a fur coat on, she’ll still feel the effects of frigid weather. A local veterinarian …
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Holiday Hazards for Pets

The holiday season is officially upon us! Many of our adorable patients love joining in on seasonal fun. Your pet will likely be paying close attention as you prepare for your celebrations. However, you’ll want to keep an eye on …
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Thanksgiving Treats for Fido

Believe it or not, it’s almost Thanksgiving! That delicious holiday food will play a big role in the day’s agenda. If there’s one thing that our canine companions are thankful for–aside from walks, car rides, toys, belly rubs, and comfy …
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Don't Believe These Myths About Cats

Our feline friends have a reputation for being a little aloof and mysterious. It’s one of the things we love about them! However, our cats’ quizzical nature can lend itself to a few myths and misconceptions. It’s important that you …
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