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Setting Up a Hamster Habitat

Are you adopting a hamster? Hamsters are super cute, and can make great pets. These little guys are also fairly easy to care for. Making sure your hamster has a clean, comfortable habitat will go a long way towards keeping…

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Cleaning Tips for Cat Owners

Kitties have many adorable and wonderful traits. They’re lovable, cuddly, and lots of fun to watch and interact with. Another reason that cats make such great pets is that they are very clean. Fluffy will spend time each day grooming…

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Winter Care for Dogs

Winter in Colorado can be very pretty, but it also brings a lot of hassles, as well as some weather-related hazards. The cold season also presents some specific problems for our canine friends that pet parents should be aware of….

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The Basics of Good Bunny Care

Have you decided to adopt a bunny? Congratulations! Bunnies have been beloved pets for centuries. While rabbits aren’t difficult to care for, they do have some very specific requirements. In this article, a local Boulder, CO vet discusses basic bunny…

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Fun With Fido

Does your dog look bored lately? Is Fido’s routine the same every day? Just like us, dogs love to have fun! In this article, a Louisville, CO vet offers some ideas for fun things you can do with your canine…

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Caring for a Senior Cat

Is your kitty entering her golden years? Our feline friends generally age gracefully, but you may need to make some minor adjustments to Fluffy’s care as she ages. Below, a local Boulder, CO veterinarian offers tips on caring for senior…

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Household Hazards for Pet Birds

Have you recently decided to adopt a pet bird? Birds make wonderful pets and companions. Your little pal’s musical sounds, colorful feathers, and cute antics are sure to charm you. If you’ve never had a bird before, it’s very important…

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